CAVE — Centre for Audiovisual Experimentation

Georgina Starr, Big V, 2019
Project Space, School of Fine Art, University of Leeds

Originally commissioned in 2003 by Leeds art Gallery and Contemporary Art Society to make a work reflecting on growing-up in Leeds, Starr created the four-screen video installation Big V. focusing on the mysterious power exerted by the Virgin Mary and the female saints over the catholic schoolgirl, the work explores a preadolescent voyage through procession, movement, dance and new-found corporeal enlightenment.

For the exhibition at CAVE Georgina Starr revisited the work for the first time in 15 years: exhuming and re-examining previously unused footage shot in Leeds and Lourdes. This was the premiere exhibition of the revised and updated version of Big V. During the exhibition you could also visit Leeds Art Gallery to see Georgina Starr’s Static Steps (1992) a new acquisition for the collection.

29 January – 23 February 2019, Project Space, University of Leeds

Georgina Starr web-023
Photos: Jules Lister

Georgina Starr is a British artist best known for her video, sound and performance works. Starr emerged in the early 1990s with a series of complex works exploring fragile emotional narratives through writing and moving image. using female identity, memory, film history and fiction she creates multi-layered theatrical events and installations. Starr has exhibited widely over the last 25 years in galleries and museums both in the uK and internationally, from museum of contemporary art Sydney and tate Britain to Kunsthalle Zurich and Museum of Modern Art in New York. recent exhibitions include the solo show I, Cave at mima in 2015, a sculpture and performance commission Moment Memory Monument presented at Palazzo reale in milan in 2017, a mid-career survey Hello. Come Here. I Want You. at frac franche-comté and a new performance commission Androgynous Egg for Frieze Projects in 2017.

Poster: Rory McCartney