CAVE — Centre for Audiovisual Experimentation

(I)MAGE SOUND(S), 2019
Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, School of Music, University of Leeds

Wednesday 1 May, 2019
Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall
School of Music
University of Leeds

(I)MAGESOUND(S) is a project that embraces an expanded experience of the cinematic, locating historical and contemporary artists’ work alongside the work of Jim Hobbs and Andrew Hill. The concept for the programme was originally born out of a research project/commission by Mono No Aware and The New York Public Library (NYPL) for the Performing Arts, as part of the annual Cinema Arts festival MONO X.

Working with the NYPL for Performing Arts film archive, contemporary individual artists, musicians and film distributors, the original project created a programme that brought together a variety of approaches to cinema, ranging from single screen films to more performative and expansive works. Its intention was to celebrate the relationship between image and sound, and emphasise the collaborative and generative possibilities between artists of different disciplines.

Nature Morte, Jim Hobbs (10 minutes)
Score and (Re)Score, various artists:
Mary Ellen Bute, Rhythm in Light, 1936, 5 mins (new live score)
Stan Brakhage, Garden of Earthly Delights, 1981, 2 mins (silent)
Bruce Conner, Cosmic Ray, 1961, 4 mins (original score)
David Leister, Headgear, 1998, 6 mins (new live score)
Guy Sherwin & Lyn Loo, Washi 1, 2014, 4 mins (new live score)
Hiroshi Yamazaki, Heliography, 1979, 6 mins (original score)
Ben Rivers, House, 2006, 5 mins (new live score)
Projections, Andrew Hill (10 minutes)
Vientos Fuertes (Strong Winds), Jim Hobbs (15 minutes)

This event was hosted by the Centre for Audio Visual Experimentation (CAVE), based in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds. It is funded by Arts Council England.